Self Care Journal Prompts

Yo dudes!

Last week was rough. Like, really rough. I had a million deadlines at work that I felt like I couldn't keep up with, and then my grandma died in the middle of the week. She was both my last living grandparent and my mom's mom, so the sting felt particularly aggressive, you know? I had big plans for last weekend (and hey, this week), but I'm trying to fight my usual urge to drink all the coffee and do all the things and ignore my emotions in the interest of self care. Of just, you know, like feeling the shitty stuff. Of slowing the fuck down. That isn't to say that I haven't already had three cups of joe today *raises guilty hand*, but I'm working on it. Baby steps.

As you probably know by now, journaling is my home base these days. It has become my favorite mindfulness practice and self-care ritual in 2018, all wrapped up into one leather bound tiny notebook. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE TO JOURNAL BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT IT!!!! Journaling does not have to be your thing. Self care for you should look like whatever makes you feel like you are being totally pampered by 1,000 tiny forest animals in the spirit of a retro Disney movie. 

Pin this bad boy and save it for later.

Pin this bad boy and save it for later.

Whenever I find myself in the shitties (a terrible destination that none of us should visit), I find it helpful to assume the perspective that perhaps somebody else will find themselves here one day, too. I imagine my role in the shitties as leaving the breadcrumbs for some other traveler to follow or trying all the poisons so that Harry Potter knows which one not to drink while searching for the Sorcerer's Stone. 

So anyway, I got to journaling. I made myself promise to spend the weekend (when I wasn't working) just taking care of myself. I wrote out some prompts that I found super helpful, so much so that I wanted to share them with you cuties too. Whether you are going through a rough time or just need a little extra inspiration to take care of yourself, I hope that these prompts give you that little spark that you've been needing to take some (much deserved!) you time

What's your favorite way to practice self care and chill the fuck out? I love hearing about your rituals, they totally inspire me.

Sending you face masks and puppy snuggles,