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I am not a morning person. I live for sleep. I love to sleep in, start my mornings slow, and have a big hearty breakfast. I hate feeling rushed. I hate feeling tired. I love my bed.

That being said, anybody who has ever met me knows how perky I am in the mornings. I believe in sleep, but I also believe in positivity. I believe in looking at each day as a fresh new start- even if I haven't washed my hair in days. I believe in smiling (SMILING IS MY FAVORITE) and getting shit done. I love to sleep, but I also love being out in the world.

A question that I get often in my life is how are you so perky in the mornings? Actually- I get it all the time. People usually say it as a joke, accompanied by an eye-roll. And look, I get it. Part of my morning perkiness is to trick myself into being excited about being out of bed. But I get asked about my morning enthusiasm so frequently that it seemed an appropriate time to share my favorite morning rituals with you fine people of the internet so that you might find your mornings feeling a little perkier as well.

Godspeed and lots of sleep, weirdos.


Notes from the Universe

I have been signed up for Notes from the Universe for like... 5 years. I found them right after college and I love the little boost they give me each morning. Notes from the Universe are short, sweet, inspirational tidbits from "the universe" reminding me that I'm not a total mess, that everything happens for a reason, and all that other woo-woo stuff that the yogi in me so craves. It costs zero dollars and brightens my morning. Once every few months I get one that is so perfectly spot on I almost cry. They are magic.

Bulletproof Coffee


This is a recent addition to my life, but I can't. Stop. Drinking. Bulletproof. Coffee.

Supposedly Bulletproof helps improve brain function and suppress appetite, so it keeps you full in the morning and also wakes you up without the caffeine crash. I visited their new South Lake Union a few times and got totally hooked, so I bought the ingredients to start making my own at home.

The verdict? It's certainly sip-able (I put cinnamon in mine for a little kick), accomplishes the impossible job of waking me up, and makes me feel like I'm not quite as hungry in the morning. This could 100% be a placebo, but I have been seriously enjoying this addition to my morning routine. Perhaps the alleged health benefits are a whole lot of bologna, but I look forward to blending up my Bulletproof before work each morning, so that's a plus?

Gratitude Lists

This is a habit that I started employing into my work mornings this fall and I'm really fucking obsessed with it. Once I get to my desk in the morning, before I start diving into my emails but after I've chugged my coffee (ahem, see above) I pull out my handy dandy notebook and write down what I'm feeling extra thankful for that day. These are not big things like world peace and the end to global poverty- although it would be totally cool if that's what you wrote down. These are things like clean underwear, a nice coworker helping me with a project, or a really good nights sleep. Finding a few moments to give thanks to the little things has really helped me start my mornings on a good note, and is especially helpful when I am feeling like I might die of stress.

I don't do it every morning- more like every other- because I don't want it to feel like a chore. Sometimes I write five things, sometimes it's a list of twenty, and sometimes I have to really reach to find one thing that I'm loving on that day. We've all been there. These are my two favorite notebooks, but find one that you love to look at and write in. Bonus points if it fits easily into the bag you carry around with you all day.

Shine Texts

If Notes from the Universe are too much for you (or they are exactly enough and you want a little more) you need to sign up for Shine text... immediately. Shine is an app that sends you quick little inspirational texts when you need them- I get mine each morning at 8 AM. They are simple reminders like stop stressing or not everything is your fault. They always come right when I need them. They are so pointed that I often feel like they are peering deep into my soul, like a friendly dementor. 


The Skimm

I work in the media world, so being informed is pretty necessary. You feel me? The Skimm is a quick weekday email that skims (GET IT?!) the news of the moment in easy to digest chunks. I like knowing what's going on in the world, but I also don't want to spend my whole life listening to NPR. They're also exceptionally sassy, which I relate to on a very deep level. 

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows

Yes, these are expensive. Yes, they may seem frivolous. And yes, they are absolutely worth it. 

After getting in my car accident this year and injuring my neck, I realized quickly how lame my pillow situation had been. My neck is super sensitive now, and one night of bad sleep positioning can make my cry for days. I bought one of these for myself a few months back and loved it so much that we have now swapped most of the big pillows in our house out for these, we even registered for some! I don't spend as much time tossing and turning to get comfortable, and my neck doesn't wake up throbbing anymore. When I travel and can't bring my pillow along I seriously notice the difference.

The Daily

While we don't live in a time where listening to the news is particularly uplifting or popular, I have always felt that it was really important to know what the fuck is going on in the world. I like being informed. I like being able to participate in conversation. I like not scratching my head when people start talking about major world events. Not your thing? Totally cool! The news can be depressing and I totally respect that. I drive to work every morning and my commute is a quick one, so I like popping The Daily in to learn what's going on in the world. It's a New York Times podcast and (I think!) some seriously good journalism. Plus the host, Michael Barbaro, has a great voice and I low-key feel like he is my best friend. Obvi we have never met. That's beside the point. This is a great podcast for getting your news nuggets in small doses without feeling totally exasperated by the state of the world. 

This White Noise Machine


I am a heavy sleeper. My husband is not. I could sleep through almost anything. My husband wakes up if a butterfly sneezes in China. We also recently moved into a house that is equally parts gorgeous and ancient, and as such is very creaky. I am convinced that our house snores at night, and lets out heavy sighs as it settles in for the evening. Essentially: it is noisy. When we first moved in none of us were sleeping well, so I bought as a white noise machine. I like this one because it has more settings than you will ever need, can operate with batteries if you are away from an outlet, and has a timer. I fall asleep quicker and the creakings of our sweet old house don't wake me up in a panic that I am about to get attacked by a demogorgon. I could sleep forever if the universe would let me, but this has made getting up a little easier.


Also, have you guys read The Miracle Morning? I’ve been hearing incredible things about it. As somebody who could sleep in forever, I feel like I need it. It’s on my wish list, but I would love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read it!

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PS! None of this is sponsored, and all these opinions are 110% my own. That being said I might get paid if you make a purchase from any of the links in this post. It's how this website stays running. Thanks for your support friends!

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