Why you should Stand Up for the Cure on August 26th

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, I am somebody who will gladly sleep in. I have the unique super power of being able to sleep anytime, anywhere. Because of my love of sleep, I generally let my weekends build slowly and afford myself the luxury of waking up when I damn well please (read: when my dog starts whining).

Love of sleep aside, I sometimes like to leave my bed-fortress on the weekends. As each summer comes to a close I begin to panic about the inevitable lack of sunshine in my life. I watch my scarves slowly roll out of my closets and shudder to myself winter is coming. As such, I like to fill the remaining weekends of our sacred summer months with outdoor activities, merriment, and enough mayhem to get me through the months of mist that loom ahead. This summer I’m so, so, SO excited to be wrapping things up in Lake Sammamish stand-up-paddle-boarding (SUP) my heart out at Stand Up for the Cure.

Stand Up for the Cure, if you haven’t already seen it blasted all over your social feeds, is an incredible all-day sporting event that benefits Susan G. Komen Puget Sound. It’s August 26th and you should definitely join me.

Here’s why.

It's for a great cause. Did you know that 1 in 8 women will battle breast cancer in her life? That’s bananas, you guys. Thankfully if caught early there is a 99% survival rate.  Standup for the Cure raises has partnered with Susan G. Komen Puget Sound to raise money and awareness for early breast cancer detection, research, treatment and education.  1 in 8 is an insane number. Let’s fight it.

You’ll get a workout in. I went standup paddle-boarding in Chelan earlier this summer and my abs were sore for days. The act of SUP

The weather looks good. If you have been whining about the heat in Seattle this summer, I suggest you stop right this second. August is our last chance to see sun before the cloak of never ending grey-ness descends upon Seattle and our skin becomes translucent. A day in the sunshine on the water sounds like a pretty good way to end the summer, don’t you think?

There will be beer. And wine. And vodka. If you are over 21, there is going to be a full on garden of alcohol and it is going to be an absolute delight. Tito’s Vodka has a signature cocktail planned for the event, and local favorite Mac & Jack’s will be on deck to pour your favorite beers. Look, I realize that this sounds like an absolute drag but it’s for a good cause, alight?

Oh, and did I mention the food? Ivar’s

Sound like your jam?

Here’s everything you need to know:

When: Saturday, August 26th from 8 AM- 3 PM

Where: Lake Sammamish State Park             

Register: here!

See you on the lake!

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