The 10 Best Places in Seattle for Vegan Food

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I was vegan for roughly six years beginning in 2011. I say roughly because there were a few months that summer in which my love for goat cheese reigned supreme and I went on a dairy binge that made me both violently ill and excessively happy. Love hurts.

A common question (or, rather, statement) that I hear is- but there’s nowhere to eat. Shut your mouth. Fill it with delicious vegan food and shut it right this instance. Seattle is a fucking HUB for vegan food. It’s everywhere. It’s delicious. You quite literally can’t try all of delicious vegan food in this emerald city before more delicious food starts appearing. I like to think I’m pretty familiar with the vegan scene in these here parts. So, before you go complaining that you’re all dressed up with nowhere to eat, here are my top ten choices for filling your belly with food you’ll never forget.



  1. Plum. My favorite spot for artisan sandwiches, creative flatbreads, and the perfect urban atmosphere. 10/10 times I order the Reuben and Mama Africa salad. Yes. Please.

  2. Veggie Grill. For when you want a plethora a burger options, comfortingly gooey mac and cheese, or a Caesar salad that tastes close to how you remember it.

  3. Cafe Flora. While vegetarian (not all vegan!), Flora is equal parts delightful and delicious. A perfect cozy date night spot for something decidedly more upscale.

  4. Mighty O. Donuts. Organic, vegan, donuts. Also, my second home.

  5. Sugar Plum. Sometimes you just want a fucking sundae, you know? Ice cream, soft serve, baked goods. Commence (vegan) sugar coma. Owned by the same people that own Plum. Duh!

  6. Loving Hut. The. Best. Cheesecake. I. Have. Ever. Had. In. My. Goddamn.Life.

  7. Araya’s Place. When you’re craving Thai food but don’t want to worry about fish sauces and meat broths sneaking into your veggie curry, Araya’s is the place to be. Plus, it’s a popular destination for many non-vegan Thai lovers.

  8. Juice Box. Juice combinations you didn’t know you needed in your life. You will leave feeling 500% inspired to immediately go on a juice cleanse and dance to the Fleet Foxes (in like, the best way).

  9. Fit Bar Cafe. For when you want something both nutritious and picturesque. These are the best acai bowls in town.

  10. Chaco Canyon. For when you want to forget shaving your armpits, drink hemp milk all day, and feel yourself getting healthier from the inside out.

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