Monday Motivation

Hey friend.

How's your week going? You surviving your Monday? It's nearing nighttime in Seattle, so we've almost made it. Hallelujah!

I'm in one of those insane life transitions that feels totally exciting, totally terrifying, and a little bit unsteady. I don't know about you, but when I find myself in periods of transition I also tend to feel a lot of doubt. Did I make the right choice? Is everything going to work out? Was my intuition off? Am I going to end up being forced to sell skinny tea on the internet? Lord help us all. If I ever start slinging detox tea guys, smack me. Please.

To be more transparent, recently I took a step back from teaching yoga. Mark my words- I will always be a yoga teacher. I'm just in a bit of a Savasana, if you will. Yoga is one of my big loves. It's one of those life-changing, all-in, huge obsessions that completely broke me down and built me back up from scratch. It's my jam. However, since getting in my car accident my practice has shifted massively (in rad, exciting ways) and I decided to do something selfish. I decided to focus for a moment on being a student rather than being a teacher. I took a look at where my body (and my brain) was at and said you know what, I think I need to slow down. I'm still teaching. I will always be teaching. I'm just not teaching a million classes a day right now. I'm taking time to be thoughtful, to be intentional, and not to burn my ass out. It's been exhilarating, a big challenge (I like to do everything, all the time), humbling, and so fun.

Change is good. Since my teaching load has lightened I have more time to delve into amazing digital content. I will finally be posting workouts and I am so excited for you to see them. They are fun. They are so fucking hard. They are silly. They will make your muscles cry. They are- OMG- coming soon. And so is a lot of other exciting stuff. I can't wait for you to see it, babes. We have some really cool content, events, and projects on the horizon. Ahh!

As somebody who often works solo, it can be alarmingly easy to lose momentum. It can be easy to get distracted when I'm on hour one million of editing photos and my esteemed colleague (read: my dog) is forcefully suggesting that we venture outside. Blogging and teaching are often very one-sided professions, and sometimes I find myself staring out into the great big internet hoping that all this hard work is worth it. Self-motivation ain't always easy when you're flyin' solo, dudes.

Since I know I'm not alone- and a lot of you little yogis have been wondering where I've scampered off to- I just wanted to take a moment to say hey. To communicate how rad you are. To remind you, as always, of your bad-assery. Of your conviction. Of your integrity and of your goodness.

Go forth and be the badass babe that you are. 

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