Spring Things

I have a habit of list making. Lists are my life. I am full of the best intentions, but will quickly forget pretty much anything if I don't write it down. I mean it.Taking notes on your phone is great - and so is saving the trees- but I find something particularly satisfying about writing things down, putting them out into the universe, and coming back to them later. Since spring is hopefully winding down soon (hey, Seattle, get your SHIT TOGETHER!) I'm sharing a big-ass list of all my favorite things right now. 

Obsessing over

  • Since I live in workout clothes anyway (#yogateacherproblems), I decided to up my game. Whoa, guys. I see why everybody likes Fabletics so much. Their pants are not see-through, the bras are super supportive, and I feel like I look cute and functional. I love their leggings so much I bought 3 of the same pair. Oops!
  • Also added to this list? My goddamn wedding. July 29th is rolling up really fast. Send me your tips. Please!
3 Free Meals - Sun Basket


  • I switched my coffee for morning matcha on a whim and I am not mad about it. Whipped up with a little coconut oil + cinnamon and I'm good to go. The good shit here and here. I also live the single serve packets from Trader Joe's.
  • All the hummus. I once made no diet changes other than giving up hummus and I immediately dropped 7 pounds. I will eat all the hummus, forever.
  • I have been eating so many Sun Basket meals and would like to officially take back anything I previously said about subscription food boxes. These organic meals are so fucking good. Also, treat yourself to three free Sun Basket meals. You're welcome.

Self Care

  • A few months ago Julep sent me one of their Konjac Sponges and I haven't stopped using them since. I love scrubbing my face with these bad boys at the end of a long day of working (read:sweating). It's the only thing I've ever found that makes my skin look glowy.
  • I have become completely obsessed with sheet masks. I recently discovered that you can purchase sheet masks with animal faces and I want to wear them forever. Maybe out in public.
  • I've restored my teen obsession with journaling and it is the best. Think like list making, but expanded. Since my schedule is flexible, I like to start my mornings with a challenge of filling up a page with thoughts, intentions, lists, whatever. Cute journals to get you started here, here, and here.

In My Ears

  • As somebody running their own business (you're lookin' at it!) I am so inspired by hearing the stories of other entrepreneurs. I am totally obsessed with listening to NPR's How I Built This podcast during my work commutes. It's fun, smart, and completely inspiring.
  • You know when you find music that just hits you in the feels? I am obsessed with listening to Sufjan Stevens right now, particularly the album Carrie & Lowell. It is pure magic. 
  • You know those friends who just crush it at life? Seattle babes have probably heard the spooky, ethereal sounds of J GRGRY. He is my dear friend and fellow yogi and I LOVE watching him crush it.


  • Every few months I like to read a book about veganism to remind myself why I eat the way that I do. Eating Animals is educational, thoughtful, and satirical all in one. I can't put it down.
  • The Lenny Letter by Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham is my favorite sassy newsletter. It feels like reading your best girlfriends diary and reminds me constantly that we are all in this together.
  • My current blogger babe crush is Brittany at Pumps & Plaid. She has the best style and blogs about things you'll actually want to read.
Image via  Lenny Letter.

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