Ready to make a life change? Read these 3 books.

Around this time a year ago I found myself in the biggest of funks. I was in a really low place, feeling uninspired in nine to five, and feeling like if I just had the chance, I might seriously be able to make this whole teaching yoga and blogging thing work in my favor. While it might seem spontaneous from the outside, the whole transition took months (if not years) of soul searching, going back and forth, getting scared, and finally getting the courage to just jump into the great unknown. It was terrifying. It was worth it. But it took me about five million years to finally get the balls the just fucking do it.

Happy as a little clammy thanks to all the books and inspiration that pushed me to show up and get here.

Happy as a little clammy thanks to all the books and inspiration that pushed me to show up and get here.

My inbox has been blowing up lately with notes from people asking me how I did it, how I made the change. To be honest? Sometimes I don't really know. I read a lot of books. I stalked bloggers on Instagram and said a little prayer that I could learn from their success. I spent a lot of late nights laying awake in bed making lists and searching for inspiration in the depths of the internet and waiting for a sign. I realize this is 100% hippy- dippy, but I felt like I needed a sign. I felt like I needed something to just tell me to go for it. For me, it was crying in a conference room. That was the push that I needed. It was also seeing how happy my friends were who had made the change before me. That, and lots and lots of books.

I don't feel complete if I am not reading at least like 5 books at a time. My mom was a huge reader and instilled a love of books in my brother and I. Instead of taking us out for sugary treats, she would take us all to the book store and let us pick a book we wanted to bring home. It always felt so special, and I have a hard time letting my books go. They are like these little looks into my life at the exact moment that I read those pages and always feel like old friends. Right now I am reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Eating Animals. To be fair I've been reading both of them slowly pretty much since January, but whatever! You don't know my life! Slow and steady wins the race, am I right?

Since I get people who ask me all the time, I wanted to share three of my favorite books that inspired me to get my shit together and just fucking do it. Was it scary? Yes. Do I still have moments where I doubt myself? 100%. I'm in a big one of those right now. Do I ever think that I made the wrong decision? Hell to the no.

Scratch Beginnings

This is a good one. Essentially, this guy decides to see if the American Dream is real anymore, and goes out to start from nothing. He takes a backpack, a few dollars, and nothing else and ventures to a random town to start his life over with... nothing. I read this when I was fresh out of college and seriously wondering if I would ever do anything great with my life and this book was so, so good. I can't say that I would take the challenge for myself, but it's an incredible reminder that hard work can take you a looooong way.

The Art of Nonconformity

Be warned: this book is extreme. This read is no-nonsense, 100% sassy, and gives zero fucks which was exactly what I needed at the time that I read it. The book essentially is a road-map on how to leave traditional thinking behind and step into a career path and/or way of living that 100% excites you. 


Ok. You've probably heard of this one. Haven't we all? You know when you are feeling completely out of your mind, crawling out of your skin, need a change crazy and you just want to do something intense? This is the book for you. Maybe you don't need to go hiking solo for months on end to find your truth, but I love to reread this book from time to time as a reminder that it's OK to do something a little crazy to get myself back on track again. Don't want to read the book? The movie is almost just as good.  

What books inspire you? What books make you feel alive and give you the courage to make big life changes? I want to know allll your suggestions, so send 'em over!

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