Vegan Leather for Spring

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As you hopefully know by now, I am vegan and have been since 2011. Veganism is a dietary change that has made my body feel amazing, but it's also something that I really, really believe in. I am so obsessed with my dog (hi, Maxi!) that I absolutely can't imagine ever causing harm to an animal...ever. The more time I spend being vegan and reassessing my life, the more attention I have given to my greater purchasing power, including the clothes that I put on this sweet bod of mine.

I once heard a real life vegan whisper that they would never wear vegan clothes because they couldn't resign themselves to such low clothing expectations for the rest of time. I get it. When most people think vegan fashion they tend to think... burlap. When I think vegan clothing the first thing that comes to mind is usually a whole lot of hemp, some dirt stains, and perhaps a trashed flannel or two. Nothing that I would actually want to wear out in public. When I think vegan fashion I think of itchy clothes. I do not thing high fashion. I, honestly, usually don't even associate the word fashion with vegan apparel. 

As it turns out, vegan fashion is a real thing and is 100% adorable. Think cute bags, fun jackets, and shoes that will make you check the label just to make sure. I partnered with Nordstrom (also known as the happiest place on earth, Mecca, etc.) to show you that vegan fashion is not completely ugg-a-rific and is, in fact, quite chic.

Peep below for my favorite vegan leather goodies for spring. You will look cute as fuck AND not harm any animals! You go, girl! You are so rad!

(Click the pictures for more details on your new favorite wardrobe additions!)

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 A fun, minimal backpack for adventures

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I am, admittedly, one of those terrible humans who still trucks my college backpack with me from time to time. It's just so damn convenient! But, what about an adult backpack? I think I just drooled a little bit.

Sassy peep toe booties for all your hot dates

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Booties make me feel like I can take on the world, and these fun peep toes will pair perfectly with all those cute dresses collecting dust in the back of your closet.

The perfect leather jacket

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I have owned this jacket for about 2 years and am in love. It is fitted, comfortable, and warm in the cold months. I want to order 5 more!

A cute bag to dump all your shit in while still looking organized

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Large and simple bags like this have 100% stepped up my grown up facade. Rather than dumping everything in an old gym bag, minimal leather totes give the look of having it together while keeping your secrets safe. Plus, I love that this one has a closure at the top so all your shit won't dump out.

Butter soft spring wedges

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These are my dream wedges. Pink, buttery, tall? Yes please! Plus, all the shoes I own from Coconuts are SO comfortable.

A tassle handbag for all your adulting

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I have a thing for fringe. And tassles. And fringe and tassles together. It just makes everything more fun.

Classic + crisp hightop sneakers

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If I were to invite you into my closet you would see that it is full of pair after pair of simple sneakers- I just can't get enough! I love this crisp white pair- they make me feel like a kid on the first day of school ready to take on the world.

A galactic wallet to brighten your grocery shopping

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Give me anything and everything Kate Spade, please! A good wallet is everything, and this one is sassy. Sassy is my adjective of choice. Can you tell?

A perforated tote for brunching like a champ

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Because I am basic, I live for brunching. I also live for putting fun brunching outfits together. This is the perfect tote for a spring day when you want to add just a little bit of flair.

Cute + silly sandals for spring adventures

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The pink leather skirt you never knew you needed

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When I was in elementary school all I wanted to wear was pleather from the American Girl catalog. This skirt caters to baby Lizzie, dreaming of one day dressing in head-to-toe colored pleather.

Share these goodies with your vegan (or non-veggie!) fashionistas.

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Big thanks to Nordstrom for partnering on this post!

PSSST- all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. This post does contain affiliate links, but I would never share anything with you babes that I didn't 100% believe in.

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