5 Cute Yoga Bags for Under $30

I remember when I got really into yoga I was like you know what, I'm going to be legit and buy myself a yoga bag. I was so proud of myself. I felt like I was finally in the realm of becoming a real yogi and was like...about to find my center or something? I don't know. I felt like buying a yoga bag would somehow put me in this secret yogi club and I would have new yogi street cred (spoiler: that's not a thing). Well, let me tell you folks, I quickly realized that yoga bags were fucking expensive and resigned myself to trucking my mat through the city in my crappy old backpack. Yoga badass I was not.

I literally once completely ruined a mat by folding it into a backpack so that I could bike to the studio in the rain after work. When I took my mat out it was crumpled, had a hole in it, and was never used again. 

Since my early yoga days the yoga mat scene has vastly improved. So much so, my little donut lovin' babes, that you can now buy cute ones on the old interwebs without also sacrificing all your organs. YOU GUYS I even found 5 mats that are under $30. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Is this even a real thing?! 

Hang tight, babes. Don't like, poop your pants or anything, but I've got some goodies I wanted to share with you.

This Polka dot wonder for $29.99

A bag with all the pockets you'll ever need for $26.90

A sweet little tote with a strap for your mat for $24.99

For when you aren't feeling so *namaste* - $24.99

Let's be honest, you were thinking it anyway. $28

Where is your favorite place to buy yoga products? What other goodies can I round up for your little babes? Let me know ALLLLLLL your yoga questions cause I am here to help and (psssttt) it's also my job.

You're the cutest,

PS! This post was created in partnership with Amazon and contains affiliate links, girl needs to pay the bills! That being said, all opinions expressed here are 100% my own and I would NEVER share products with you that I didn't love.

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