How to Get Paid For Your Spring Cleaning

Happy first day of Spring, babes! Where the hell did the time go?!

Right around now is when I start to pine for the sunshine and also begin to feel a desperate need to clean the shit out of my apartment. Every spring, without fail, I go on a wild rampage through our apartment and demand that we throw away everything. My roommates (ahem, my brother and fiance) don't have the same shopping habits that I do, so it's usually just me realizing in terror the sheer amount of stuff I've accumulated over the winter months. It's hectic but refreshing, and usually involves me getting very friendly with the people at my neighborhood Goodwill and consignment shops.

Which leads me to my next point-you know what's the fucking worst? Taking your stuff to a consignment shop. I absolutely hate watching some stranger dig through all my clothes, all the items that I used to love dearly, and then tell me that for 5 carloads worth of my wardrobe my financial reward is... 79 cents. Really?! Not even a dollar? The last time that I went to a consignment shop I almost peed myself waiting in line, they only took a few of my things out of three bags of nice ass clothes, and then they offered me store credit. I don't want store credit! I don't need more clothes! I just want to de-clutter and make a few bucks to fund my donut habit!

You know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the worst. It's degrading. It's a giant time suck, and it's never as profitable as you think it's going to be.

I wanted to share a company that I am 500% obsessed with for you before you start your closet clean up because... they'll pay you for your clothes. Around this time last year I was stumbling around the internet late one night and came across an ad for ThredUp. ThredUp, my friends, is essentially an online consignment that you will enjoy using. Since about this time last year I've been using it to slowly downsize my closet and have made hundreds of dollars in the process. Also, you send your clothes in from the comfort of your own home and don't have to watch somebody go through them, which is good enough for me. If they look at your items and don't want to keep them all, they can send them right back to you OR you can donate them to a great cause. And you never have to leave your house! It's a miracle!

Here's how it works!

Order a cleanout bag from ThredUp. All you need to do is create an account, give them your address, and order a bag. In my experience they usually come in 2-3 business days. So speedy! You can use the app (that's what I do!) or go through the website on your computer.

Do it anywhere. Live in the country? Great. On a boat? Awesome. In the city? Rad. You can clean out from wherever your little heart desires.

Fill it up whenever you feel like it. Seriously. Just fill it up when you have time. Sometimes I fill my bags slowly over the course of a few days, or sometimes I just dump them all in the moment my cleanup bag arrives. It's up to you! There's no limit on how long you keep it and if you end up deciding not to send anything in, that's OK too.

Send it in. The cleanout bags are prepaid, so you just need to drop it in a mailbox when you can. You will get tracking updates 

Get paid! Depending on the volume of other cleanout bags being received by ThredUp you will get within a few weeks. Voila! I've made a few hundred dollars from ThredUp by literally just sitting on my couch, so it's not a bad deal.

Oh! And they have really great clothes, too, if you feel like shopping. I bought some amazing wedges from ThredUp that I can't wait to wear once it finally stops raining here in Seattle. So, someday I guess? Click the link below to get $10 on the house to spend on whatever you want.

A few tips for having the best possible ThredUp experience:

Clean your shit! A little laundry goes a long way, my friends. Before you send anything in, give it a careful inspection to make sure there aren't any stains, rips, etc. that could've been avoided. I've sent tons of shoes in and I just give them a quick wipe-down with a Clorox Wipe to make sure there isn't any leftover dirt on them. Nobody wants your smelly old clothes, so make sure everything you are sending in is fresh and clean. Send them the good stuff that you just don't love anymore, and it will find a new great home. 

Fold and press. Presentation is everything. I find that I get better payouts on my ThredUp bags when I put just a little more effort into folding everything and making my items wrinkle free. They will style your items for you before they post on the ThredUp website, but give them a little help and you won't be disappointed with your rewards.

Dig through everything. Seriously! Before you send your clean-out bag in I challenge you to go through your whole home. Closets, random drawers, dressers, under the bed, behind your couch. You will probably find a lot of random stuff you totally forgot that you own, some things you know you'll never wear again, and clothes that just don't fit your personal style anymore. The great thing about ThredUp is that they will take all kinds of apparel, so even your old winter coat can go to a good home. 

Happy cleaning, babes! I hope you use all that money to buy yourself something really nice. Like a lot of donuts. Or a puppy.

PS! This post was not sponsored, I just have had an incredible experience using ThredUp and would love to share this rad service with you!

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