Monday Feels

I'm going to be honest. I woke up with such a serious case of the Mondays. It's one of those days where I feel like I've chugged all the coffee Seattle has to offer and just can't fucking wake up. I just can't. I want to nap all day. And by nap, I mean maybe just go back to bed until Tuesday. Who's with me?!

I go through phases with juicing. I either juice all the things in my apartment or my juicer sits untouched for months at a time until Dan threatens to donate it. This morning, feeling exceptionally meh, I decided to throw a few things in and pray for the best. Sometimes the juice I make tastes like straight dirt, but this one was delicious enough that I wanted to share with you boogers.

Case of the Mondays Green Juice

- One handful green grapes

-  2 cucumbers

- 1 apple

- 2 carrots (big, not the baby ones!)

Oh also, I can't stop listening to this...

Seriously. Dan and I both fell madly in love with Father John Misty at the exact same moment and we spent all weekend playing this song on repeat. It's so good! I can't get enough! 

Happy Monday, sweet friends. We got this. You're rad. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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