My Faves: February 2017

Ok, friends, how is it already March? I realize that everybody says this, but where did the time go? Does this mean I should actually start planning my July wedding? Does this mean I should consider working on my summer body? I think I need a nap.

Blogging is a profession that, in a lot of ways, I never thought I would fall into. Back when people would pour their hearts out on LiveJournal I would get so embarrassed for them. But at the same time I love writing, I love sharing things I like with you humans, and since people ask me for recommendations anyway, why not do it in an official capacity? I still roll my eyes about the fact that I'm a blogger sometime because it's SUCH a millenial profession... but I digress.

Since I'm all about being honest, I used to be very opposed to the whole bloggers-writing-about-their-favorite-things-post phenomenon. I mean, who cares? But then so many of you were asking me for recommendations that I pretty much shot myself in the foot after swearing to never to them, bit the bullet, and decided that it was time to start putting them together from time to time. Will this become a regular thing? That sounds like a big commitment. Am I posting one this month? Yes, obviously.

I loved...

Carb Cycling: if we are being 100% brutally honest, which is always my intention at Donuts + Down Dog, I have always struggled with my weight. I have never been a tiny, thin human. I am a big and strong girl with power thighs and rower arms, but that doesn't mean that I don't hate on my physique from time to time. As a vegan I am forever struggling with the right diet that feels balanced, fulfilling, and doesn't contain a lot of processed crap. I was feeling really discouraged in the fall of 2016 until my friend Kara introduced me to Carb Cycling. This warrants a post of its own (coming soon!) but Carb Cycling has completely changed my relationship with food and my body. Kara leads awesome boot-camps designed to show people how to understand the science of food, how to listen to the needs of your body, and how to plan ahead. I have learned so much and could literally nerd out about this forever. Plus, I feel amazing and love how I look for the first time in a loooong time. YAS!

I bought...

For whatever ails ya. Rub this all over your bod and call me in the morning. You will feel  amazing.

For whatever ails ya. Rub this all over your bod and call me in the morning. You will feel amazing.


Arnica Cream: since getting in a car accident at the end of January I have been really into taking good care of my neck and back. I found this incredible Arnica cream on Amazon and I've since gone through about 3 or 4 tubs, it's just so good! It's basically like an all-natural, super-concentrated Icy Hot and it gets deep into the muscles that I can't get to when I'm stretching. It has seriously been so helpful with the whiplash that I'm dealing with that I just want to hand it out to every stranger on the street!

This dress that I wore in Vegas: I always struggle with buying outfits for places like Vegas because, let's be honest, I am a yoga teacher and I will probably only wear that shit a few times. My friend found this adorable dress on Amazon (of all places!) for under $20 and I loved it so much that I bought it in two colors. Bonus? It's reversible so you can wear it two different ways depending on what strappy situation you want covering your boobies. I am going to wear this to every wedding I go to this summer, hands down.

Fun sunglasses: wearing sunglasses makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, summer is right around the corner. I bought these over the top pink mirrored shades for Vegas and plan to wear them everywhere: to the grocery store, while getting a pedicure, while I'm at the vet. I don't care! They make me feel fabulous!

I ate...

Sugar Plum is my drug of choice.

Sugar Plum is my drug of choice.


Sugar Plum: being vegan is perhaps not always the most exciting when it comes to craving a very specific item, such as ice cream or essentially any dessert. Sugar Plum is part of the same group that owns my favorite vegan dinner spot, Plum, and is the answer to my vegan sweet tooth dreams. Their soft serve is so good that I haven't even ventured into tasting their donut selection just yet. Get the oatmeal vanilla, your life will change forever.

I watched...

Grey's Anatomy: I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I have dived back into the Grey's world but it is just so good. When I was in high school my parents and I would cram in front of the TV watching Grey's together, so I suppose part of my rekindled fascination with the series may be based in nostalgia. The show is over the top dramatic but I love picking out all of the Seattle references and laughing at the insane surgeries they do everyday. 

The Series of Unfortunate Events: please tell me that you read these books when you were little! The Series of Unfortunate Events was my all time favorite series, I loved them more than Harry Potter. They're delightfully weird and creepy (just like me?) and so thoughtfully done that they are still fun to read as a grownup. I was so nervous when I saw that Netflix was releasing a series that it wouldn't be as good as the books (always a concern from book lovers, ya feel me?) but the show is designed exactly how I pictured the characters and locations in my head. It's such a fun watch!

Chef's Table: when I was little I would sit at the kitchen counter reading cookbooks for fun while my mom would talk me through what she was making. I am by no means a chef at all, but watching Chef's Table brings back all the cooking excitement that I remember feeling growing up. Each episode follows a different chef into their method, their history, and the meaning behind their food. It is so fascinating and makes me want to eat everything in site. I just finished Season 3 and I'm itching for me!

Fun sunglasses are life.

Fun sunglasses are life.

I listened to...

In February I finally got on the podcast train and HOLY SHIT you guys, I get why you like them so much! I was getting so sick of listening to my workout playlists and I spent a lot of time in the car driving between studios and blog meetings, so podcasts make me feel more productive and like I am doing better at adulting.

How I Built This: if you are an entrepreneur or just somebody who is fascinated by people who follow their passions, listen to this! How I Built This is a rad NPR project that my friend Sierra recommended to me and I can't get enough of it. Each episode features a story on a different entrepreneur and I have seriously been learning so much about business that I can't wait to bring back to this little corner of the internet. The piece on the founder of Crate and Barrel is my current favorite.

Soul on Fire: I could talk about food, fitness, and mental health pretty much all day, so listening to the Soul on Fire podcast feels like having a conversation with myself. This podcast is run by one of my favorite bloggers, Jordan of The Balanced Blonde and I adore her honest take on all things wellness. Each episode is a conversation with a different wellness guru, and I always feel like I'm sitting right next to them drinking a cup of coffee. This podcast has gotten me through many long commutes.

I also, apparently, listened exclusively to Rihanna. I mean, why wouldn't you? Desperado and this Sex With Me Remix have been pretty much the only songs I've listened to since January, so put them in your ears and jam away.

What were your favorite things in February? Anything you are totally obsessed with that I NEED to know about? Tell me all the things, babes! I want to hear what you love right now!

Have a great day, babes. Stay weird.

This post is in no way sponsored, but does contain some affiliate links. I am 100% committed to sharing only my 100% honest opinion with you, and am only share information on the things I truly love.