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Hi beauties!

I hope you're all having the best week ever. I mean it. We had a rare snow day here in Seattle this week, I've got coffee running through my veins, and I've been able to get back into a regular practice after about 10 days off. Huzzah!

I am the queen of many odd things, but particularly as of late I have become the queen of reusable bags. I have a huge tub of them in my living room, they are dripping out of the pockets of my car, and I scream DON'T FORGET YOUR REUSABLE BAG at my brother every time that he walks to our neighborhood market. I also have gotten in the habit of using reusable bags to store all of my sweaty yoga garb rather than risking stinking up my whole bag. I am forever a stinky, sweaty girl but am working on being slightly less of a dirt bag in 2017. It's a journey. It's a long, long journey my friends.

The thing about reusable bags, though, is that they usually aren't very cute. I don't know, there's just something about carrying around a giant red bag covered in the name of my cable provider that makes me feel like I could be making better life choices, you know? Like, here I am, trying not to look like a total ball of sweat, and I've got Comcast Couture on my arm. Come on, Lizzie. Lock it up.

A high school gal pal recently introduced me to Urban Market Bags, and thank gawd because they are just the cutest. They were created for the conscious consumer who also wants to live a beautiful lifestyle which makes me feel like, yeah, I can adult! Also? They're machine washable. This is especially important because after carrying a few loads of used yoga clothes my bags start to smell ripe. I am a lazy laundry gal- I throw everything in the same load and pray for the best- so this is perfect for me.

They're also durable which is super hard to find in the land of reusable bags. I don't know about you, but I've been running into the pesky problem as of late where most of my reusable bags rip after I put more than a few bottles of kombucha (ahem, wine). These don't! They can hold up to about six whole bottles of liquid per bag and are mad out of Supplex Nylon that not only looks good- it feels good. No more of that creepy plastic weave that crumples in half the second somebody in Russia sneezes. 

Sounds amazing, yeah? Well, it's your lucky day, sweet friends, because I've partnered up with Urban Market Bags to give away a three pack of their totes in a color combo of your choice! All you have to do is enter your email below (I won't spam you with pictures of my dog, promise) and you'll be entered. Voila! Easy as pie. Or donuts.

Best of luck, little cuties! Winner will be announced and contacted on February 15th. Keep your eyes peeled for some more fun giveaways coming soon!

Happy Hump Day,

Big thanks and heart eyes to the Urban Market Bags for partnering with me on this post. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date!

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