Motivation for Badass Babes

Hola babies!

I got back from Vegas feeling refreshed and ready for a little kick in my pants. It feels so good to have gotten a few days away with some rad ladies, the opportunity to travel for a hot minute, and to be covered in glitter and fake tanner. I don't go out very often, but when I do I like to make it worth my while. In the wise words of Drake, YOLO.

Being an entrepreneur is exhilarating, but it can also mean that taking a few days off is terrifying! Like, look how much time I missed to work while I was drinking PBR and dancing in a bathrobe! Why did I spend so much time on my phone searching for puppies in pajama pictures when I could've been writing blog posts? 

I don't know about you, but sometimes I need the kind of motivation that only cheesy Pinterest quotes can provide. I need pretty fonts, minimal colors, and cheese. All the cheese. I tend to guide both my blog and my teaching by what I am feeling in that moment. For example, if my hips are so tight they feel like they might snap, I teach a class centered around hip opening. If I am feeling motivated as fuck (raises hand), I share the motivation that's driving me with my internet friends. Hello, sweet kittens, I love you.

Maybe it's because I find myself toeing the line of two particularly lonely professions: teaching yoga and blogging. While they both seem pretty social from the outside, a lot of the real work is done while flying solo. In yoga, I am standing in front of 20 sweaty bodies essentially telling them what to do. When I'm blogging, I sit on my couch all day with stains on my sweatpants editing pictures and posts and praying that my posts don't make me sound like a psychopath.

When I had an office job, as much as it made me want to simultaneously cry and pull out my hair, I at least was surrounded by other people 24/7 who I could use to pump me up. At the studio I don't always get to see my badass teammates, and in blogging I pretty much just have my dog (hi, Maxi), so I go searching into the depths of Pinterest for things that speak to me. Things that make me feel like, yeah, I got this. I am getting shit done! I am moving mountains! I am like... productive and shit!

So, pretty young things, these are the words of inspiration that are getting me through the week. Maybe you need them too! Maybe you don't and you think they're a little much and that's OK too. I won't judge. You still got this. 

Stay rad, little babies. You fucking rule.

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