All The Small Things (AKA Stocking Stuffers)

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Look it's you! Spreading holiday cheer!

Look it's you! Spreading holiday cheer!

In a move that was perhaps rebellious to those in the blogging world I refrained from providing you hooligans with a massive holiday gift guide this year. There are enough of those bad boys on the internet to last us all a life time. Does the internet really need another blogger gift guide? Did anybody even notice that I didn't post one? These are the questions that keep me awake at night. These are the hard hitting queries that I ponder over my morning coffee.

But then, a friendly internet stranger sent me a message of distress and I couldn't ignore that call. It was something along the lines of HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO FOR STOCKING STUFFERS PLZ HELP SOS and I thought ok, I can help with that. I skipped out on a mass gift guide because it is my intention to always share with you only things that I truly love. Admittedly, a compilation of my favorite things would make for a strange holiday gift guide. BUT a collection of tiny things for your healthy friend that could fit into a smelly old sock? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeazy.

These are a few of my favorite tiny things that your adventure loving, always sweaty, slightly grungy, fit friend will be happy to open during the holidays. Or anytime! These are things that I love dearly and always have on hand. They are things that keep me healthy or at least give me the feeling that I am being healthy. They are all small, tried and true (I will never recommend something I haven't tried and LOVED myself), and relatively inexpensive. With the exception of the face masks, they are all also items that will last your loved one for quite a while. So go forth! Spread holiday cheer and health in the same breath! You go Glen Coco!

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