I was scrolling through Instagram the other night (arguably one of my most lasting pre-bed rituals) when I stumbled across a post from one of my favorite yoga people, Patrick Beach. He's a Seattle yogi with a badass inversion practice and love for fluffy animals, so I feel like we are kindred spirits. In it he wrote:

i tell all my students if they want build a home practice there are two important things you need : make it accessible and make it fun! you have a limitation of your space and time so finding something that fits into the framework of what’s available allows you to create a habit that will be successful.
— Patrick Beach

Umm, yes. It's been a quiet few months here at Donuts + Down Dog. I got married, made a few job switches, and wanted to take some time to focus on taking care of myself vs. writing about it. After getting in my car accident this January, I started really re-thinking my relationship with yoga. For so many years I was so obsessed with going to class! And being the best! And teaching all the classes! And everything being perfect! But the universe showed the fuck up this year and put me in a place where that wasn't physically possible anymore. After leaving dozens of yoga classes in tears because I couldn't get through more than a few poses, I stopped going to class. Hell, I stopped teaching. I left the studio that I called home. I took my practice out of the studio and back into my body. It's been weird, unexpected, and pretty fucking cool.

I love what Patrick wrote, because it's where I'm at right now. I haven't stopped yoga-ing. I've just embrace my own yoga practice- practicing at home in my sweats while listening to my favorite music. Sometimes I practice for an hour, but I've stopped putting time constraints on how many hours I practice for. It might be 5 minutes. It might be 50. It's often disjointed and follows what feels good rather than what I think I should be doing, which has been a pretty rad destination to arrive at.

After months of hating yoga, I'm starting to love it again. It's starting to feel good. I don't feel scared to go to class anymore. It doesn't hurt quite as much as it used to. I've been teaching exclusively for some of my favorite people on the planet. In fact, I'm teaching for them next weekend! I've been flowing in my garage with my dog and my space heater and my foam roller. I may not be teaching full time anymore, but I'm back in action, and it's a good place to be.

*AND* since so many of you always ask, I made my most recent yoga playlist live for you. Enjoy!

Join me for Mimosas + Yoga on Saturday, November 18th


The details:

Let’s be real, drinking a mimosa following a delightful yoga practice with your gal pals on a Saturday morning sounds dreamy, right?

Well, you’re in luck. On Saturday morning November 18, that dream becomes reality. The morning begins with an hour long, all levels, Vinyasa Yoga practice, soaking in the inspiring vibes at The Riveter. Following our practice, we’ll enjoy the great vibes along with our tasty mimosas. Leave your worries at the door, get your body in motion, and laugh with new friends & old!

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