You Need to Try This 8 Minute Ab Workout


I like to move it, move it. 

In case this is your first time here or you haven't been paying attention, I really like to workout. I also am always up for a challenge, so when a workout is described as being killer I immediately respond with GAME ON. Tell me that I can't do something or that it will be hard, and I will immediately feel the urge to try it. I think it might be caused by the never-ending sugar high that comes with being a donut addict.

I've been following Blogilates since I first discovered the internet fitness community, which is a big one. I turn to sites like this when I'm feeling uninspired in my workout routine, or when the idea of doing the same damn workout becomes so exasperating that I end up just running the same loop in my neighborhood.

Anyhoo, Blogilates is a great platform for fun (and burn-worthy) workouts, so when I saw this 8 minute ab workout all over the internet I couldn't help myself. I had to do it. I popped in my current favorite workout songs (see below!) and hammered this bad boy out in my hotel room. The verdict? It's been two days and it still hurts to laugh. Mission accomplished, this ab workout is impossibly hard in the best possible way.

Current Favorite Workout Songs 

Since you always ask, I'm going to *try* to make an effort to share my favorite workouts, music, and fitness studios with you more often! These are the songs that I currently can't stop destroying my abs to.

My husband is infinitely hipper than me when it comes to music and texted me this son a few days ago. I put it on repeat while Blogilates (see above) slowly killed my abs for 8 minutes. This song is fun, and also makes me feel like I'm starring in the opening scene of a high school football movie. You know, how you should always feel when working out. 

For when you are feeling exceptionally sassy (raises hand, always) and want to feel like you are in the club in the early 2000's, I give you Cherish. You know this song. You probably put on a lot of lip gloss to this song and felt sassy in your Juicy sweatshirt. I'm not judging you, girl. I am right there with you.

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