See Ya Never, January

Hello my little sugar boogers!

At the end of 2016 I had this overwhelming feeling of whoa. The year flew buy faster than donuts fly into my mouth, and I felt a little sad that I hadn't done a better job documenting my favorite things. I set out to be really on top of my blogging game in January, but I feel like I took a nap, woke up, and it was February. Where am I?!

The blogging world is all about updates and recaps, so here's mine for the month of January. It was decidedly NOT fabulous, I watched a lot of Netflix, and I completely failed at the 30 day yoga challenge I HELPED PLAN at the studio that I manage.

I'm going to be honest, little jelly donuts, January kinda kicked my ass. I spent a few weeks battling the flu (LEST YOU FORGOT), and ended the month with a literal bang of getting rear-ended on my way to work. I now have a really sexy case of whiplash and a hybrid rental car that I don't know how to drive/am convinced is trying to kill me.

Me at the end of January.

Me at the end of January.


I'm not a big resolution gal, which ended up being a good thing because I was LITERAL HUMAN GARBAGE for the first month of the year. I took my sweaty-girl vibes to the next level and spent those 31 days either at the yoga studio drenched in my own sweat or laying on the couch with tissues stuffed in my nose snotting my life away. 

But I kind of have a thing against resolutions, you know? The whole "new year, new me"  thing just doesn't vibe with me. To begin with, we are all rad already. It always breaks my heart a little bit how extreme people get about their resolutions. Like, PS, you are going to wake up on January 1st and still be the exact same person. I gave up on resolutions a long time ago for myself because I saw how crazy they made me and realized that 99.9% of the time I was just setting myself up for failure. It's just not worth it. A few years ago I realized that lifestyle changes made more sense for me than insane resolutions. 


While I may not be a resolution gal, I am pretty much the high priestess of list-making, and had planned to check a lot of things off my list in January. Thanks to circumstances that I couldn't control, my list has minimal checks on it and I'm challenging myself not to freak out about it. I guess I should add that to the list too? Oh god.

So there you have it, amigas. I failed at January. I failed hard and I failed fast and the world didn't end.

Oh, and some January faves despite my body beginning to fall apart on me:

  • A moisturizer that actually works on my face and is less than $5.
  • My new sore-muscle addiction (and whiplash godsend).
  • A delightful color-wash that turned my hair the perfect shade of bubblegum pink.
  • Any event with Just Add Yoga- I am obsessed with those ladies and am unashamed.
  • This book that has yet to change my life because I'm still reading it, but am feeling hopeful.

How is 2017 treating you so far babes? I hope this is your best year ever and that you get abs without really trying.

Here's to punching the rest of the year in the face. But like, in a nice way.

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