Green Goodies + My Mantra This Week

I have never understood people who say that they forget to eat. I literally spend all day thinking about food. I wake up and I think about breakfast. When I'm in yoga, I think about donuts (duh). When I go to bed, I usually have a snack on my nightstand just in case. I've always thought people who say that they "forgot to eat" were lying. Who doesn't think about food all day?! Do they also not have a soul? Am I missing something?

I had been living my food-on-the-brain life for 27 glorious years until this month began. This month has been craazzzyyyy. Managing a yoga studio in January is absolutely bonkers, and I actually have been forgetting to eat. I am now that girl. I am having an identity crisis. I am lost. I am confused. I don't know who I am anymore.

I have so much admiration for people who meal plan out their whole weeks, but that just ain't me. I like to listen to my unique needs each day and let that guide what I eat. I like to change it up because I get bored easily (cough why I am a blogger cough) and I like a little variety in my diet. All that being said, life has been too crazy in 2017 for me to make a decent meal, so I've been relying on a new go-to combo to keep me sane. And not hangry.

I posted my favorite daily greens combo on Instagram yesterday and immediately got a million WHAT IS THAT comments, so I wanted to share the love over here and share the staple I can't survive these crazy days without.

It's pretty simple, so you have no more excuses!

  • A container you can seal easily (I like to use a Mason jar). 
  • A blender ball so that everything spreads evenly and no chunks get stuck.
  • A good protein powder to give you all the nutrients you need to dominate your day. I'm a huge fan of Vega products. They're vegan, they taste great, and they have lots of extra goodies in them like probiotics.
  • Greens powder so that you are still getting in all the goodness your body needs, even if you don't have time to actually eat any real produce. 

Voila! Healthy, happy, and not hangry. You're welcome.

In 2017 I've also been embracing weekly mantras (quotes I love to get me through the insanity of life!) and I stumbled across the bad boy up top and it's been just the little push I need to get me through a week packed with meetings, classes, and meeting new clients. This new year has been pretty funky for many of us, so I love the idea of using kindness as an act of rebellion.

I hope your week is full of love, donuts, and puppy snuggles my babes! More to come soon.

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