Remedies for the Flu-Man

My favorite flu-fixin' tea. More deets below!

My favorite flu-fixin' tea. More deets below!

You know when you have those moments of- holy shit, what am I doing with my life?

Well, the other day I was hopped-up on DayQuil (GUYS I HAD THE FLU DON'T FORGET IT) with toilet paper shoved up my nose to keep it from running. As I hacked my lungs out, I was playing the Harry Potter theme song on repeat. I suddenly could not stop laughing. Hey, maybe it was the DayQuil! But I looked like a hot mess. A very sick hot mess. A few days before somebody had told me that my life seemed very dreamy, and I was laughing because I was not wearing a bra, with toilet paper shoved into the depths of my nostrils, drooling Emergen-C out the sides of my mouth, praying to some goddess that I would feel better soon. It's like so dreamy.

Being a person of the internet is a funny beast. I would like to lie to you and say that I always know exactly what people are going to identify with, but LOL that's a joke. I posted that I was sick a few times, both because writing about my life is my job and also so that people would know why I wasn't at the studio. I posted a picture of myself drinking a cup of tea and....I got about a million messages about my favorite all natural cold and flu remedies. I also got a few messages along the lines of, Jesus, you're sick again?! Yes, you hooligans, I work in a hot room that breeds disease and I like working more than I like sleeping, so I get sick fairly easily this time of year. 

I am honored that you think I know even the smallest tidbit of shit about this. I am not a doctor, but I do have some ~tried and true~ remedies that I love, or that at least have a pretty mean placebo effect to make me feel like I'm getting slightly better. And so, sweet humans of the internet and fellow flu-mans (humans with the flu), here are some of my faves to make me feel better. I hope you feel better soon, too!

Literally me whenever I'm sick.

Literally me whenever I'm sick.

Favorites of a Sicko

  • Ginger tea with turmeric and cayenne.
    • Yogi Tea makes my favorite, but find one that isn't too intense for you.
    • Turmeric- Bright yellow, relatively flavorless, and anti-inflammatory? Sign me up.
    • Cayenne- Taking a swig of spicy cayenne tea makes me feel alive. I feel like all the shit in my system is being blasted out of me, and it also wakes me up in a way that coffee absolutely can't when I'm under the
  • Oregano Tincture. ou know what tastes good? Donuts. You know what does not taste good? This. BUT my boss is an ageless yoga goddess and recommended this to me, so I will gladly suffer through it. Oil of Oregano is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic so it just kills all the things. ALL. THE. THINGS. I liked to throw mine into my morning Apple Cider Vinegar shot so they can both taste disgusting together. It's a match made in heaven.

  • Electrolyte Drops. The second I get sick I stop drinking water almost immediately, which only makes things worse and gives me the skin of an Iguana. As you know by now, LyteShow drops are my fave.
Oil of Oregano + Apple Cider Vinegar. Tastes like butt and gets the job done.

Oil of Oregano + Apple Cider Vinegar. Tastes like butt and gets the job done.

And of course, my favorite cure-all to whatever ails ya....

Sleep until you can't sleep anymore.

I happen to be the best at this one. It's like it was my true calling to sleep forever. I am so gifted!

Any other natural remedies I missed or things you can't live without? Let me know, little sickos!

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