Friday Night Fitness: KaisaFit

In case you didn't already know, the world we live in is very, very small. A few years ago I considered myself to be largely ingrained in the Seattle fitness culture. Mind you, this is when my Instagram had like... 20 followers and I taught one yoga class a week. I felt like I was really cool because I knew a few popular Seattle fitness instructors and I worked at a popular studio. In reality, I was probably that creepy girl who thinks she's best friends with everybody and afterwards they're like dude, who was that? Around this time a-very-rad-girl-that-I-know mentioned to me that her sister was also in the fitness industry.  As it turns out, her sister was moments away from absolute fitness stardom. Enter badass babe,  KaisaFit.

Just in case you haven't heard of her, Kaisa is essentially who I want to be when I grow up. She's a former D1 athlete (UW Track, NBD), a social media goddess, and a total rockstar. She's a big deal. Michelle Obama once called her out on Instagram and I basically shit myself in excitement. She's a Seattle gal, so I feel like we are best friends even though we've never met. Kaisa is a movement enthusiast, a supporter of female athletes of all shapes and sizes, and advocates strongly for moving your body because you love it, not because of what you want it to look like. She. Is. So. Cool.

Kaisa recently teamed up with Cody App, a Seattle-based company tucked away in Capitol Hill. My friends at Cody tell me that they are an online fitness company that connects physical movement, technology, and community into a fun fitness experience that lets you focus on what’s really important: Being present in the moment so you can truly enjoy the sweat, strength, and triumph of each workout. I don't always have time to take class with my weird teaching schedule, so Cody has become my partner in fitness. Right now I'm hooked on their Yin classes. Yin is a deep stretching style of yoga that I DEEPLY need (see what I did there?) since I spend so much time trying to get swole. Ok, I'm semi joking, but I do a lot of Vinyasa and rowing, and neither of those lend themselves towards a particularly loose body.   

Anyway, Kaisa and Cody recently released MX30. MX30 is, essentially, exactly what you've been looking for:

MX30 is an energy-packed program to get you moving and sweating every day for 30 days! Its goal is to teach you how amazing it feels to move your body and inspire you to move this way for the rest of your life!
Each of the seven workouts in this series uses fun, creative 360° movements to fire up your entire body and get you moving in exciting new ways. Every exercise has two different difficulty options to modify or intensify so that whatever your experience level, you can give it your all!
Best of all, you’re going to work out alongside people just like you! Students of all levels are represented in each class and I’ll be there pushing you to hit your personal max the whole time. Let’s get moving!

Sound good? Yeah, I know. I just downloaded it and I CANNOT WAIT TO TRY IT. I will be doing all of the sweet moves from the KaisaFit Instagram in no time. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here hopping over giant things without breaking a sweat and still managing to look badass as fuck.

And now, we are all the luckiest people in all the land, because Kaisa is teaching a workout class in Seattle this Friday. This is a big deal, my dudes. This is Cody's first ever in person evening event. Kaisa is going to teach class, I hear there will be breakdancers (!!!), and I am going to fan-girl my face off. This is a pretty big jump from my wear-sweatpants-covered-in-hummus-while-watching-Broad-City typical Friday night. I'm genuinely surprised there are even any tickets still left since so many of my friends + students have mentioned that they'll be attending. Is it Friday yet?!

If I haven't made it clear already- you should go. The event is this Friday, December 2nd at 7 PM in Fremont. Want tickets? Get those little bad boys here. 

I will be attending on behalf of LUNA which I am so excited about. When I was a wee 14 year old and discovered the freedom that was having an allowance and going to the grocery store with my mom, I would spend all my pennies on lemon LUNA bars. I ate lemon LUNA bars with such ferocity it was as if I was convinced that nobody else was buying them and that it was my responsibility as a human to keep LUNA afloat. 13 years later very little, if anything, has changed.


Also, if you see me come say hi! Even if I'm sweaty. Or if I'm stuffing my face with LUNA bars. Or, let's be honest, both at the same time.

Disclaimer: this post was written in partnership with LUNA and Cody App. I received complimentary tickets to the event in exchange for my coverage. All opinions expressed are 100% my own, and I am 100% stoked to see Kaisa IRL.

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