New Name, Same 'Tude

Hello, fairy princesses and fellow humans of the internet.

I recently did something really stupid. You see, the holidays are the most popular time to be a blogger. As they should! People want to know what the hell to bring to family dinner, they need gift inspiration for their impossible relatives, and they want to get their *new year new me* resolutions off to a badass start. As such, I was like HEY! I'M GOING TO REDO MY BLOG!

To make a long story short, it was a tech travesty. I'm not tech savvy, and I basically broke my own corner of the internet. I cried. I drank a lot of beer. I snuggled my dog and then I cried some more. Honestly there was a lot of crying, it was weird. But you know what? I realized that my old blog name, Photosynthesis206, wasn't really serving me anymore and was never going to get the name recognition I wanted. I decided to *pick up the ashes* and start again on a new platform. With a new name. And new, even better, goals.

So, dear humans, I give you donuts and down dog. This name fits my *vibe* much better, is easier for you people to find, and will be a great platform for all of us to cruise into 2017 together. ALSO since I started this blog after I knew what the fuck (kinda) that I'm doing, there won't be any *super embarrassing* posts for you to find anymore in the archives. HA! Look at us. All grown up.

My Instagram is still there, but under a new name. Thanks *in advance* for all your patience as I move everything over here, relaunch my brand, and make this all bigger and better than it was. Also, thank you for your one million billion emails/texts/Instagram DM's about my blog being broken. While they launched me into the kind of anxiety that only dog snuggles can truly cure, I know that you meant well.

Here's to new beginnings and some truly rad shit.

Lizzie BraicksComment