Spandex and Nail Polish {and a beauty box for you!}

When people hear that I'm a yoga teacher/blogger, they tend to something along the lines of you are so lucky, you must get to wear yoga pants all the time! And you know what? I can't say that they're wrong. In reality, I spend a lot of time in comfy pans. A lot means 99.9% of my days. My uniform is basically black leggings and a tank top with the word Namaste. I am a true fashionista. I AM athleisure.

For the first few months of my new-found freedom I was feeling pretty fabulous about the changes in my wardrobe. I no longer had to try to cram my legs into jeans, I didn't have to wear socks, and I legitimately came to a point where I wasn't sure where any of my non sports-bras were. 

As summer came to an end and my tan started to fade I started to feel like an uber-bum. I was perpetually sweaty, disheveled, and in stretchy pants. It became increasingly difficult for me to feel like a professional human, and I began to realize that part of me did really value the act of getting ready. There's something pretty satisfying of feeling cute when you leave the house, and truly missed that feeling. I vowed to step up my game and to wash my hair more. Well, a little bit more.


Enter the Julep Maven box.

Julep is based in Seattle. I LOVE THEM ALREADY. Their products are free of fumes and toxins, AND lots of their goodies are vegan just like me. The Julep Maven box is a subscription service of beauty products that is personalized for each user. You fill out a profile, tell them what you like, and then get to pick from a variety of sparkly things. Local? Check. Environmentally conscious? Check. Going to make me look more presentable? CHECK.

The people at Julep are a bunch of love bugs and sent me a box of goodies on my birthday in a maven box of my very own. I could go on and on and on and on but that would be boring, so here's what I got:

  • A gold gel eye pencil. When I put this on I feel like I fulfill all of the dress up dreams of my youth. The coppery-gold is subtle enough for me to wear out to donuts, but fun enough to wear out on the town. For, you know, when I got out...on the town...
  • Nail polish in a sparkly holiday red. If you've seen my Instagram, you likely have picked up on my new nail obsession. Since I can't look all that fancy, at least my nails can! 
  •  A Konjac sponge. This was a wildcard. What was it? Did I need it? The Konjac sponge feels seriously creepy. It's damp and cold, but exfoliates my face SO WELL. I've been using it for a week and have already gotten so many compliments on my skin. Konjac sponge, I may not understand you, but that doesn't mean that we can't be together.

Since Julep and I are now best friends (hey guys) we think that you should join in on the fun.

It would also make an absolutely perfect gift for your bestie. Just saying.

Sweatpants for life.